How do I stop obsessing over what if?
This applies to so many things in life!  What if I lose my job, my money, my health, etc.?  There are so many things in life that can pull us into the "What if" bucket.  Horses and people that have had an accident with a horse, seem to send the what if imagination into overdrive.  How do we turn that around?

Here are my thoughts.

1. It takes observation!  When we notice we have a negative what if thought, about anything, switch it to something positive.  Example: What if I fall off my horse?  STOP!  Change it to What if I have an amazing, relaxing ride!  What if's haven't happened yet, so why not pick things that make us feel good instead of picking stuff that makes us feel bad?

2.  We can practice.  Sit on your couch, or better yet, lay down in the yard watching the clouds go by, doesn't matter but get comfortable.  Bring up your BIG what if.  Think about it.  Notice how you emotionally feel.  Notice how you physically feel.  Then create an amazing what if.  Put a lot of detail into it.  Put all your senses into it.  Example: What if we have a lovely ride.  We are in sync, and I can feel the rhythm of my horse's feet.  We feel like we are dancing together, as one.  We soak up the sunshine and can feel the light breeze on our cheeks.  After you do this, really feel the difference.  Physically and emotionally.

3. Look at the root of your what if's.  Was it a memory, is it imagination?  What is the base to your what if.  Once you have that, make a choice to change it.  For me, my root was an accident.  I focused on changing the memory of my accident, into a vivid cartoon.  Now, when I think what if my horse flips, I laugh.  I see Wile-E-Coyote and the Road Runner.  

Most importantly, live your life with joy.  If you enjoy riding, or used to, find a way to get back into the saddle and enjoy!

If you would like to see the process I went through, here is a link to my book about my journey back to courage and getting over my "What if's"!  Get the book now!


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