Rising from Fear To Courage - Virtual Clinic

A Self Paced Adventure from Fear to Courage

🏇🏇Has Fear crept into your horse riding or did it come crashing in with a BANG???🏇🏇

🎠 Do you wonder if you will ever enjoy riding again?

🎠 Do you look for excuses not to ride?
🎠 Do you feel like you are paying all this money and not enjoying your horse to the fullest?
🎠 Are people telling you to just get on and ride, or worse yet, sell your horse?

If this sounds like you, I can say for certain, you are not alone. I have seen so many people, searching for confidence and courage. Most horse trainers can't help, they don't feel the fear and don't know how to help.  Their answer is to just do it.

That feeling of fear, spending all that money and feeling like it is hopeless to ever ride again.  Wanting to feel like that fearless kid again!

You can find your courage again!  This 8-week virtual journey to courage, shows you how to get back on and enjoy riding again.  

I share my thoughts, experiences, and exercises that worked for me and other riders, to take back your courage while in the saddle riding your horse!  There will be a video or two each week, 10 - 20 minutes total time on average that will show the exercises and talk about how to overcome that anxiety and enjoy riding again. 

This Virtual Clinic can be done at your leisure. It gives you the tools you need to enjoy riding again with COURAGE.
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Here is what is included:

💰 How to get your mind back to courage.
💰 Look at your health and your horse's health, and plug any holes that may be causing fear.
💰 You're going to learn some exercises to develop communication with your horse while on the ground.
💰 You will get a Pre-ride checklist for YOU and your horse!
💰 You will get some building block riding exercises for the first few rides, and they can be scaled as you gain Courage.
💰 I have prepared take away sheets for each session that you can print and have with you!
💰 I have added some bonus challenges to the exercises for those that are ready to try some things that may be a little more difficult!
💰 There will be Q&A zoom calls as needed so we can talk about challenges and overcome excuses and obstacles.
💰 You will have access to the course after the 8 weeks, there is no end date.
💰 You will have free access to a private Facebook support group.
💰 Bonus Guest videos/speakers that are AMAZING!

How your life will change when you practice these exercises?

⚔️ Your fear will begin to fade.
⚔️ Your connection to your horse will improve.
⚔️ You will trust your horse more.
⚔️ Your horse will trust you more.
⚔️ You will have the tools to increase your COURAGE!
⚔️ You will be riding your horse and building Confidence.

Who is this Not for:

🐎 If your horse isn't ready to be ridden.
🐎 If either your horse or you are injured and not physically ready to ride
🐎 If you aren't willing to look at your fear and be open to COURAGE as a possibility.

I've had great success going through this process and so have others.

I'm offering the virtual clinic for $67 for a limited time and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

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