What are horses afraid of?
This is a very interesting question, and I am sure there are a million answers.  Just as with all life, the most critical fear is dying.  In a lot of ways, they are blessed.  They don't have to be afraid of losing their job, losing their money, IRS tax audit, or any of the other fears and stresses that humans put on themselves.  They have one mission, to live through the day.

Their fears stem from anything that is new, that they need to figure out if it is going to kill them.  I was standing near the horses one day in the pasture, when a plastic bag went blowing on the wind, all around them and under their legs.  They didn't move.  When I saw it coming, my fear level went up, and they all started to react, but when I saw this, I just completely relaxed, and they did too.  They were not afraid of the bag.  They were afraid that I might be afraid of the bag.

Horses survival depends on not being the horse that is most afraid, but they need to not be the slowest to react.  The horse that is not in tune to the rest of the herd and danger vibes, will be the horse that doesn't make it, that is food for the predator.

Are they afraid of the predator?  No.  This shocked me.  A friend of mine was working Africa and had the great opportunity to observe lions and the herds.  The lions would walk right through the herds to the water and back and nobody would even raise their head.  They were not afraid of the lions.  Then, when the lioness would start to hunt, at the moment that the first herd animal felt that energy, the warning would go out, and they would all run.  

They were not afraid of the predator; they were afraid of the energy of being hunted.  This is useful information.  We can be that calm leader, that doesn't jump at every little thing, and our horses will start to see us as leader and trust us to keep them safe.  The more our energy is calm and aware, the more the horse can relax and let us lead.  Wishy washy, anxiety, and fear are not the energies of a leader.

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