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Simple Methods to Overcome Fear and Start Riding Again!
MONDAYS and FRIDAYS - 7am Central TIME!!!

Turn Fear Around Podcast is filled with simple methods that can be used to overcome fear and anxiety.  They are short - 5 to 10 minutes usually, so that you can spend the time practicing and more importantly, DOING.  You can always re-listen if you would like!

Hey There!
I'm Elise, your go-to equestrian courage coach!

• I bring the fun and laughter to the riding scene, a true class clown at heart.
• As a go-getter, I'm all about overcoming setbacks and turning them into stepping stones.
• My mission? Helping riders rediscover the pure joy of saddling up and riding again.
• I'm here to inspire confidence in partnerships between riders and their horses.

Join me on this journey to happiness, strength, and a renewed passion for equestrian adventures by joining my podcast listeners!

Turn Riding Fear Around