How to get over horse riding fear!
I had no idea the weight of the fear I was carrying around, until one day when I had found my courage I felt light as a feather.  It was a while after I was riding again, and it just filled me with joy.  Like many of you, we carry the weight of fear without even realizing it.  I believe we can all find our courage again, when we choose to!

The weight of the fear takes a toll on our health.  We were not designed to stay in freeze, fight, or flight mode.  That stress wreaks havoc on our systems.  It manifested for me in migraines and horrible "female" issues.  It also takes a toll on our emotions and mental health.  For me, I felt fear in a lot of areas of my life.  Dentist, riding in a car as a passenger, and definitely with the horses.  Removing the weight freed up all those things!  Confidence filled me in all areas of my life.  I was surprised.

Here are the steps that really helped me:
1. Changing my memories of my accident.  Nobody said I had to remember it as it happened, I could choose to remember all the great things about that day.
2. Reframing negative thoughts.  Become a master and taking those negative thoughts running around and switch them to wonderful thoughts.  You get to choose your thoughts.
3. Gradual exposure to horses and riding.  Find a process for courage that works for you.  I look at this as a video game.  You do a little bit and then go back to the start and then do a little bit more and then go back to the start.  Each time, you are getting better and better and the fear won't have room inside of you anymore.
4. Building a support system.  You are not alone!  I remember how alone I felt in my fear.  Even the trainers didn't understand my fear.  I created a support group for all of us searching for courage.  (Join free group here!)
5. Focusing on personal growth and resilience.  Keep going.  If you want the joy of riding again, you can make it happen.  We are all cheering you on and I am here to support you.

To hear about overcoming triggers, my Blue car/Red car theory, you can hear it on my latest podcast:  Listen now!


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