First Steps to Overcoming Fear
Finding myself making excuses to avoid riding, I confronted a formidable adversary: fear. Deep down, I grappled with conflicting emotions – a burning passion for riding clashed with the daunting fear of getting hurt.

Like many of you, I found myself in the relentless tug-of-war with fear. Whether it was the apprehension of mounting a horse, facing a daunting challenge, or battling with general anxiety, the internal struggle threatened to overpower me. Yet, in the midst of this turmoil, I made a conscious decision – to let my passion triumph over fear, and I urge you to do the same.

For me, the journey towards conquering fear began when we moved to Kentucky and have 75 beautiful acres to ride. Jazz Napravnik, at Mindset Matters, helped me see the power in breathing techniques.  Embracing various breathing techniques became my anchor amidst the storm of fear.  It became the eye of the storm and I place I can always return. In the inaugural episode of my Turn Riding Fear Around Podcast, I delve into my two cherished breathing methods, accessible on popular podcasting platforms or directly on my website.

Why do these techniques work wonders? Firstly, they counteract our natural tendency to hold our breath when fear grips us, ushering in a wave of relaxation. Secondly, they provide a focal point for the mind, be it through counting or visualization, diverting attention away from fear's paralyzing grip.

Yet, preparation extends beyond mastering breathing techniques. It encompasses a deliberate shift in mindset. As we head out to spend time with the horses, we can all adhere to a golden rule: leave the chatter of the mind at home. Amidst the chaos of daily life, it's easy to be consumed by thoughts of tasks and to-do lists. However, when we step into the presence of our equine companions, we can choose to bring only heart and undivided attention. Leaving our baggage behind; it will patiently await our return.

In essence, the path to overcoming fear begins with a choice – a choice to confront it head-on, armed with the tools of breath and presence. So, take a deep breath, harness your courage, and let your passion guide you towards fearlessness in the saddle and beyond.

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