Do Horses Know if You are Scared?  I have PROOF!
The horses were happily munching their breakfast today.  The wind was swirling around, and a bunch of little dust devils were blowing through carrying the fall leaves for a ride.  I was cleaning the three-sided shed as while I listened to them munching.  Then I heard a crazy noise.  

All around the horses' legs, feet, faces, etc, was a packaging pillow.  One of those air-filled pillow sacks had blown off our porch and was dancing with the horses.  I heard it first for a while and then I looked.  The horses had not moved.  They were happily munching away with it battering around beneath them.  I started to panic but it was only a split second.  I completely relaxed.  In that split second, they all three lifted their heads, looked at me, and then because I had relaxed again, they all just went back to breakfast.  I know if I had panicked, they would have too.  I know because I was able to just forget about it and enjoy the show, they were fine.

There are so many times, when our emotions get in the way, and we are not even aware.  Leading Michelle, a few weeks ago, and thinking she was going to run me over had her convinced something was chasing both of us.  Playing with Michelle with the flag, she was in a panic.  I set it down on the ground and walked away, she walked right up and played with it.  

I have done this riding so many times too!  It is so powerful to change our thoughts and feelings around to the positive.  To the amazing rides, the amazing partnership with our horses, and truly step into that feeling of being the leader, the safe place for the horses, for our little herd.

How?  We start by playing the what if game with amazing things that could happen.  We fill ourselves up with amazing ride feelings until there is no room for fear to creep in.  We can even pretend to be a trainer that we admire if we want!  Whatever it takes, if we want to ride, we can make it happen.

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