How to get back on the horse?
My accident happened in the first 60 seconds after getting on, but it felt like a lifetime.  I should have seen the signs of pain from the horse being bit by a black widow and not even put the saddle on, let alone actually mount.  After the horse flipped on me, I wasn't sure I would ever ride again but riding is my passion and how could I let 60 seconds of terror hold me back from the 1000's of hours of joy I had experienced riding?

Like many of you, whether it was an accident or just the fear of getting hurt creeping in, we can let our fears hold us back from our dreams.

Here are two things you can do to reduce your fear getting on again.

1. Prepare your horse for mounting.  I used to get on with my horse walking and didn't even think about it.  Now, I want my horse to not only stand still for mounting, I want them to be relaxed and it they aren't, my leg does not go over their back.  I love doing fencing with them.  This is from Carson James.  I sit on a fence or stand on the mounting block (or anything above them) and I work with them back and forth until they come up under me on both sides and stand quietly in the right position for me to mount.  If they are not quiet and relaxed, I make them swing around, back and forth until they are quiet in front of me.  

2. Mounting.  The second thing I do is make sure I give them a cue when I am going to mount.  I actually pull the saddle back and forth until they set their feet wider, so they are stable for me to get on. Once I have their feet wider, I get on.  If they walk, I circle them until they stand quietly and then I get off.  If they don't walk, I will just get off stepping back on the mounting block and lead them off or back them off the mounting block.  I repeat this a few times until they are really sure that making their feet wider means I am getting on.

Once I am mounting again, my next goal is 4 steps!!!  

Here is a link to my podcast page if you would like to hear more about mounting!  (Click Here)


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