3 Fun ways to connect with your horse
There are times when I am not able to ride.  We get a lot of rain here in Kentucky and it is very slippery.  I really don't feel safe riding when it is slippery.  This has led me to get creative in how to play with my horses for connection.  It is different for every horse if I really pay attention to what they think of as play, not just imposing my idea of play.

Taika is laid back, bottom of the pecking order and really up for anything that we get to do together without the other two herd mates.  I have been playing with energy with her.  She loves to be scratched so I have used that to play an energy game.  I hold my hands up and let her come to me and put her body by my hands where she itches.  Then if I have an itch, I point and feel itchy in that spot and her her scratch me.

Binky is really shut down in a lot of ways from her past.  I love playing body language with her.  I mirror her or match her to the best of my ability until she notices.  I can breath in rhythm with her, move with her, look where she is looking.  Just letting her know I see her. I am listening to her had helped her relax and want to hang out with me.  She even lets me trim her feet at liberty now.

Michelle is a quiet observer in the middle of the herd.  She is up for anything and just wants me to do stuff with her.  She loves playing movement games.  I love playing over, under, around, and through with her.  Go over a log, under a tree branch, around a plant, and through a narrow path between vines or trees.  This has been a really fun game to keep her attention on me and building her trust in me.

With your horses, which of these do you think your horse would enjoy the most?  Taika - Scratching, Binky - Mirroring, or Michelle - Over, Under, Around, Through?

It is fun to do all the games with all of them but they definitely have their favorites.


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