What is the best way to overcome fear?
I was so frustrated with trainers that told me to "Just RIDE", or "Show that horse who is BOSS", when it was me that was terrified.  My horse was fine, it wasn't their fault.  I remember crying and feeling so alone in my fear.  They just didn't get it.  

Like many of you, we are surrounded by people that are trying to help us through our fear or anxiety, but because they don't understand, their techniques make things worse.

We can do some simple things that will help us even if the people around us don't understand.

1. Put a plan in place "if" that thing you are afraid of happens.  I was terrified of the horse rearing and flipping.  I decided that if the horse raised its head, my trigger, I would get an ear to focus on me.  Then ask the horse to move their feet.  Then stop.  Next flex left and flex right.  Then move their feet again.  I rehearsed this visually, and then in the arena before ever going for a trail ride.   It gave me so much confidence!  I encourage you to figure out your fear trigger and put a plan in place to work through them.  Include dismounting as part of the plan if you feel unsafe.

2. Get the tools you need!  This sounds really crazy, but tools can serve you well and may not be what you are thinking.  I have an essential oil I use to keep me calm, I put it on my right wrist, and I have one for courage when I need to act and that I put on my left wrist.  I feel like superwoman with these two working together.  The calm eye of the storm and the force of the storm and I can weave my way between the two.  Another tool I use is CBD, it stops the shakes but keeps my mind clear.  Another tool is a handle around the neck I can grab if needed.  These are all tools and each one adds a bit to my courage.

3. Security items is the third thing that brings me bravery.  Helmet, life jacket (I tried the horse vests but they didn't work for me so I use my Seadoo jacket).  Whatever equipment helps you feel secure are worth every penny that they cost. They help keep you safe.

In the latest episode of the Turn Riding Fear Around Podcast, I delve into the essential strategies and tools for overcoming riding fear and reclaiming the joy of the saddle.   You can enjoy hearing my thoughts on the above by just clicking on the link at the bottom of my Podcast webpage or any podcast platform that you enjoy.  Click here!


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