6 Steps to Get My Horse Used to Riding Again? (Part 1)
My horses have been plagued with issues and we have had MUD, lots of mud.  That means time off for The Bay Girls.  Sigh.  I have used the time to play with umbrellas, work on low stress movement and relaxation for them, but it is just to slippery to ride.  Although they do still race the pasture with my cringing the whole time.  Have you had a break from riding and want some help getting back.  I am planning on riding again this spring so I put together my plan to get there.

Here are the first 3 key steps in my plan:

1. Healthy horse.  I trim my own horses feet so that is the first priority.  It is hard to trim when they are slipping and sliding in the mud so they feet have been a little long.  It hasn't been too bad since they grow a lot less hoof in winter.  I also know that they need to build up some muscle to get ready for riding and I have been doing a lot of in hand play and planning on doing a lot more.  This also helps as I adjust their feet to get their muscles and flexibility adjusted as well.

2. Hiking and/or walking with the horses.  I have great hills for taking them for walks.  This also helps ME get in shape for riding again, imagine that.....  While hiking, I love to do some backing up hills.  The key here is making sure they stay straight and start out really slow, I mean like a snail slow.  This is hard for them but great for building up their muscles.  Make sure you are walking up the hill backward with them and you will see what I mean.  Also go over any and all fallen logs, branches, etc that is safe to go over.  (Watch for SNAKES!)  

3. Do lots of grooming and really use that time to massage them, find any spots that need some more in depth focus.  I also love to take this time and remind them of moving off where my leg goes.  I make sure they are relaxed in their flank and not tense.  Grooming is a great time to observe their attitude and make adjustments to keep them happy.

While you wait for the next three steps tomorrow, join my support community that is doing Spring Bingo, getting ready for riding this spring together and we are having so much fun.  If this sounds like something you might like, would love to have you join us!  Spring Bingo here!

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  1. What a compassionate read. I never thought of warming up horses after inactivity. Grooming, massaging, your horses are in good, compassionate hands with you.

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