What to check before riding a horse?
My accident happened when I didn't check anything before getting on.  I groomed the horse and didn't notice that he was in pain.  I tacked up the horse, not noticing that he was tense.  I got on the horse and when my butt hit the saddle, I knew I was in trouble.  In seconds, the horse flipped over backwards on top of me.  This was one hundred percent my fault.  At any point in the process getting on, I could have recognized that something was drastically wrong.  I was enjoying the campground, the great weather, the late afternoon sunshine.  I was enjoying the sounds of the woodpeckers in the trees.  I was completely absorbed in my surroundings and just didn't connect with and pay attention to my partner, the horse I was getting on.  It was almost like it was a couch was going to hang out on instead of a partner.

Let's rewind and see what could have been done different.

1. The horse had been bit by a black widow on the neck.  As I was grooming, if I had been paying attention to how the horse felt as I groomed, I would have noticed any and all issues.  Sore areas, bumps, bruises, ets.  The horse had just stepped off the trailer after hauling to the camp ground and he had been bit in the trailer.  He was in pain.  Significant pain.  Even subtle pain if I had been paying attention would have come to my attention before I put my butt in the saddle. (To hear a little about my story and what could have prevented, watch my video on this #1 key to prevention: Watch Here

2. As I was tacking up, I could have been observing the horses movements, his flexibility.  I walk them when I am doing up the cinch.  I do a little, walk, do a little more, walk.  At any point, I could have seen that he was short strided, that he wasn't relaxed and loose, that he was tense, in his whole body and especially his neck.

3. A pre-ride checklist, that I have now would have given me a checklist to run through for me and for the horse.  It would have made sure I saw the signs that the horse was in pain.  I created it from this moment in time where I didn't pay attention to me or to the horse and it almost cost me my life.  

Once I was on the horse, it was too late.  I had 30 minutes to prevent the 30 seconds that crushed me.  I learned a lot.  I also learned how to get over my fear.  

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