5 Ways to Prepare for Spring Horse Riding
I am CHEERING!  We are out the other side of that crazy cold spell.   I carried 50-60 gallons of water a day.   Pushed 200 pounds of hay a day in a wheelbarrow through 8 inches of snow.  Pulled the flipping wheelbarrow back up the LONG hill to the barn after I had offloaded the hay.  Unloaded a trailer of 100 bales of hay and stacked 6 high in the barn in 20 degree F.   I would not trade this for anything.   It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I was surprised myself by how hot I stayed!  I just felt like I blossomed.  I am stronger mentally and physically than I could have ever imagined.   I know there are a bunch of you with way worse winters and I applaud you and cheer you on.

We can eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, signaling the start of more comfortable riding conditions.   However, before you saddle up and hit the trails, preparation can make it a successful riding season. Here are a few things I do:

1. Health Check for Your Horse: All our horses are looking forward to spring with us!!  We have horses in all different conditions coming out of winter and I know we will all do a great job of looking at our horse’s health needs and get them ready for spring!
2. Gradual Exercise Routine: Reintroduce your horse (and you) to regular exercise gradually.   My favorite is to start hiking with them.  Play with flexibility and balance for both of you on your walks if you can.  It is so much fun to see horses really blossom getting ready for spring. This helps us get into shape together.  
3. Assess and Update Tack: Inspect all riding equipment for wear and tear. Check all your tack and saddle fit to ensure they are comfortable for your horse. Clean and condition leather items to maintain their longevity. Replace any damaged or unsafe equipment promptly.  Make sure your helmet is less than 5 years old and if you don’t have a MIPS helmet, I highly recommend this one.  I love it. (Click here to check it out.)
4. Rider Fitness and Skills: Just like your horse, it's essential to assess your own fitness level. Engage in exercises that improve core strength, balance, and flexibility. Consider taking refresher riding lessons to sharpen your skills and regain confidence in the saddle after the winter hiatus.
5. Spring Grooming Routine: Give your horse thorough grooming sessions to promote a healthy, shiny coat. Check for any skin issues, such as scratches, thrush, or dermatitis, and address them promptly. Regular grooming not only enhances your horse's appearance but also fosters a strong bond between you and your horse.

By addressing these key areas, you set the stage for a successful and enjoyable spring riding season.

Grab my spring checklist so you have it handy! (Click here and I will email it to you.)

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