How do I stop fearing the worst?
When I saw the horse flipping over on top of me, the feeling of falling and seeing that he was going to crush me, left me mentally in much worse shape than I was physically.  The fear hung out with me like a dear friend.  Like many of you, we have things happen that we cannot control, and the fear remains, long after the danger has passed.

Honor your fear or it will explode to get your attention.

This can be so hard to learn.  We are taught to push down our fear, just buck up and do it, get on with it, and we end up feeling so alone in our fear.  That feeling that nobody else understands.  The hardest part is realizing that we can't just push that fear down.  We can honor that fear, the precious fear that is just trying to keep us safe.  It means well.  It is doing its job.  It doesn't know that we are no longer in danger and can make different decisions.

You might be wondering how.  Here are my three tips for honoring your fear and returning to joy:

1. Really say thank you to your fear.  Feel that it has helped you to stay safe.  Take some time with this and let your feelings flow.  If you enjoy journaling, put it down on paper.  If you are like me and writing isn't your thing, close your eyes and just really breath into the fear, feel gratitude, feel yourself saying thank you.
2. When you start to feel the fear come up, practice amazing "What If's".  There isn't anything that says we have to stay in negative what if's.  We can pick and choose new ones, ones that fill us up with passion, desire, and joy!
3. Use tools.  Whether it be checklists, breathing techniques, calming oils, CBD, preparation, music, or something else.  Find out what works for you.  Tools have such a bad stigma but really they can help us keep fear at bay and really let it know that we have this, we are good, and not in danger.

If you would like a little help on your "What if's", here is a short video on my thoughts and a little challenge!  Click here.


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