How do I start finding joy?
I walked into the kitchen and saw the sink full of dirty dishes.  Immediately, I started the "why me?" thinking and the negative thoughts started to take over my emotions.  I started to feel really down, like a steam roller had rolled right over me and squeezed the joy out.  

Like many of you, we let what we observe, dictate how we feel.  Whether it be chores that have to be done, mucking stalls, cleaning, feeding, cooking, laundry, changing oil in the truck, etc.

I believe we are in control of how we feel, maybe not what we have to do, but how we feel about doing it.  There, I said it, we are in control.

That belief gives us power!

Here are three ways to let this work for you to fill you with joy, even doing chores.

1. When doing chores, reframe them into something that fills you with joy.  Take the dirty sink of dishes.  Changing thoughts to wow, that was an amazing meal and tasted so good.  Just that small change starts the process to feeling better.  What if we expand on it.  There was so much love put into making that meal and we are blessed to have food to fill us up and nourish us.  We laughed and connected while we ate.  Just some samples and it can be done with any chore or task and just takes a little practice.

2. While doing chores, dance, sing, move, put on amazing music, listen to a great book on Audible, etc.  Find something that fills you with joy and do that while you do the chores.  P.S. Singing is supposed to help prevent dementia and is great for the brain, if you are like me, just make sure only the animals can hear you......

3. Find someone to do the chores with you or just to talk and share about what you are doing to enjoy your chores.  A buddy system to joy.  I tried it with the horses, but they just pooped on the freshly cleaned bedding!!!!  I got a really good chuckle out of that one!  Pick someone and cheer each other on!

Here is a free guide that goes along with finding your joy!  GET YOUR JOY TODAY!!!


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