What is the meaning of roadblocks?
I had failed every new year’s resolution I had ever set.  I felt the deep feelings of failure, like I was being sucked into the quicksand with no way out.  Looking back, the roadblocks that held me back from success were multifaceted, physical, mental, and unexpected.  

Many of us have experienced roadblocks that hindered our progress towards our goals. The good thing about roadblocks is that they can provide an opportunity for all of us to grow and learn.

Physical roadblocks are perhaps the most obvious type.  I had everything from being tired and sick, to having to travel for work and allowing that to hold me back. While physical roadblocks can be difficult to overcome, they can also inspire creativity and innovation. Imagine solving all your physical issues in the next month!  What would be the first physical issue you would overcome?  Put a plan in place to overcome.  For me, I made the decision I wanted to feel good and so I figured out how to feel good.

Mental roadblocks can be more challenging to identify, as they are often internal and subjective. I had lots of mental challenges with my goals.  This was the biggest aha for me.  It really wasn’t about the actions I was focused on; it was about how I wanted to feel if I accomplished the goals.  Have you really thought about how you want to feel?  It feels so good when you truly look at how you want to feel and figure out what you need to adjust to bring that feeling into your life, moment by moment. 

Some ways to feel better include using positive “What If’s” and visualization of the amazing world you have all around you.  The more we immerse ourselves in an amazing world like we did as a kid, and feel it, the faster it becomes reality. 
Unexpected challenges are perhaps the most difficult type of roadblock to overcome. While these roadblocks can be devastating, they can also provide an opportunity for resilience and adaptation. The crazy thing about unexpected challenges is the revealing of our strengths, and our weaknesses.  By capturing these, we can focus on building our strengths and mitigate our weaknesses.

Roadblocks are an inevitable part of the journey towards achieving our goals. While they can be frustrating and demotivating, they can also provide an opportunity for growth and learning. It is often the challenges and roadblocks that we encounter that ultimately make us stronger and more resilient.
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