3 Myths about aging!
Sitting there on the living room floor with the Monopoly game all set up, ready to play with my aunts when I was 5 and my world shattered.  Ok, it wasn't that bad but to me, it was a defining moment.  My aunts came in and said there was no way they could sit on the floor to play a whole board game, I had to move to the table.  I was shocked.  In that moment I vowed, never to let myself get to the point I could not sit on the floor with the kids and play a board game.  Like many of you, I was not taught how to improve with age, I just assumed things were going to go downhill.

MYTH #1 We get Stiff as we age!

One morning, I was sitting on the bed to put on my socks and it wasn't easy.  WHAT?????  Me????  I had let myself down.  I tried EVERYTHING to get the flexibility back and things helped but nothing was the answer.  Now, after doing the 11-day jumpstart, I am as flexible (if not more so) than I was as a kid!  I feel amazing!  It was a combination of eating better, the timing of the eating, adding in an amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and joining a coaching program that has a great support group!

MYTH #2 Our skin thins as we age!

I was always getting scratched and cut, doing the little things.  One day, Doone jumped up and clawed my face.  Dean and I both thought it ripped my face open.  It hurt so bad; I was sure it was going to need stitches.  When I pulled my had down, it wasn't even red!  Again, Dean and I were both shocked!  The changes I had made for my flexibility and adding in an amazing collogen, have my skin healing and actually getting as healthy as when I was a kid!  Even my wrinkles are starting to run away.  NICE!!

MYTH #3 We forget what we went into a room for!

It has been a few months since I walked into a room and thought, "what did I come in here for?".  This one was more subtle, but Sudoku times are faster, I remember things clearer, my memory is back!  I lost my dad to short term memory loss so that fact that my memory seems to be improving, is HUGE!  It makes aging not quite so scary.  

The 11-day jumpstart was the key.  It took all the things I was doing, added in a few little bits I was missing and now I will be aging healthy and happy!  If any of these myths have ever seemed familiar to you, or if you are young enough you don't want them to become familiar, I would love to have you join me in the Jumpstart!!!  Click here to get the information.


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