How do you calm yourself on a horse?
In the world today, it seems like stress is the new normal.  Rushing to get to appointments, eating fast food, working and caring for a family and no time for yourself.  It all adds up to more stress.

When we go visit our horses, we can carry over this stress if we are not careful and to horses, stress from us is equal to self preseration for them.  Finding tranquility for us and for our horses is so important for our health and our safety.  If we are stressed, the horse is going to be looking around for what we are stressed about.  It could be life or death for them.  But how do we find that calm?

Our first technique for finding calm revolves around the power of sound—whether it's talking, singing, or simply humming. Sound has an incredible ability to anchor us to the present moment, soothing our minds and bodies with its rhythmic vibrations. Engaging in sound can serve as a form of meditation, guiding our focus away from turbulent thoughts and into a state of peaceful awareness. So, next time you feel overwhelmed, try tuning into your own voice and let it carry you to a place of tranquility.  (My horse did try and bite my foot when I sang while riding so I now keep it to humming or talking!)

Another great tool is managing our "What If's".  These hypothetical scenarios, often fueled by anxiety and fear, have a tendency to hijack our thoughts and spiral us into a state of distress. However, by consciously directing our "What If's" towards positive outcomes, we can transform them into catalysts for joy. Embracing the potential of our imaginations allows us to envision a future filled with hope and possibility, steering us away from the grip of apprehension and towards a path of serenity and enjoying riding our horses!

In essence, cultivating calmness is not an elusive feat reserved for a select few but a skill that can be honed with practice and intention by all of us. By embracing the power of sound and harnessing the potential of our thoughts, we can create tranquility and joy in our daily lives, finding the calm in the storms that threaten to overwhelm us. So, join me on this transformative journey as we discover the profound beauty of finding peace amidst chaos.

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