What does it mean when you feel like a kid again? (Part 1 - Mental)
I am going to share the most powerful secret I learned over 30 years ago!

I was sitting there, one cold December morning, sipping my Latte, my fancy journal and my favorite pen, ready to write my New Years Resolution, when all of a sudden, the WAVE of feeling like a failure, washed over me.  I had failed every New Years resolution I had ever set.

It didn't matter what they were, I had failed them all.  Going to the gym 5 times a week, Eating Healthy. Running 5 mornings a week, not one.  I was a failure.  If you have ever failed a new years resolution, you are not alone.

As I sat there, reflecting back on those failures, I began to dig.  What did I want from those resolutions?  The more I contemplated, the start of a tiny light began to glow. They would make me healthy.  Ok, But what did I get from being healthy?  I would be happy, I would be Joyful!!!  

That is when I hit on the secret, it wasn't about the actions, it was about the feeling.  The feeling of joy!  

When was the last time you felt joy, true joy? Take yourself back to the last time you truly felt joy.  For me, it was when I was a kid!

Why did I feel joyful as a kid?  I LAUGHED.  All day.  At everything.  How could I turn that into a resolution?  I needed to set a goal to LAUGH 400 times a day, big enough not to measure, I am an Engineer and like to measure, and also big enough to keep me striving for joy!

As riders, our mental state is so important and the more we can find our joy, the more our horses don't have to carry our mental burden when we are with them.  The more they can enjoy us and not just tune us out.  You know, it might be the same with our family and friends.  Imagine being around someone that is filled with joy, that would feel good!

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