How do you ride a horse safely?
This is a GREAT question.  Think about it, do we ask, how do you drive a car safely?  Or, how do we walk down stairs safely?  Or, how do we walk through the shopping mall safely?  All of these things can be dangerous but we don't ask all the time about their safety.  I think because riding a horse, is an agreement and a partnership between two beings, it is a little more daunting but really, driving a car is an agreement with all the other drivers if you think about it.

So, there are things we can do to improve our safety riding.  First of all, mentally, we need to be ready to ride.  Think about going to the shopping mall with your friend, and the entire time, she is worried about being robbed, that person doesn't look nice, what if that person has a gun, etc.  You would be a stressed mess and not enjoy it.  We do this to our horses when we are not mentally in a good spot to ride.  There are so many exercises we can do to get our mind right, before getting on our horses (and I love using CBD under my tongue to also help just take the edge off, to see the one I use, just click here),

We need to make sure our horses are ready to enjoy a nice ride.  I have created some pre-ride checklists, like a pilot checking out a plane for flight, to make sure our horses are ready and look for signs that we may need to make a different decision.  If we can have bad days, our horses can too!  I also love to put a big pile of hay in front of my horses while I groom and tack up.  A full stomach keeps their stomach acid from sloshing while riding so they want to be ridden the next time.  If it always hurts when you are ridden, you wouldn't want to do it again.

When we go to get on our horse, are they standing quietly, waiting for us to get on?  This is a big one!  If they are not super quiet and relaxed, I don't get on, ever.  We work through what is causing their worry and stress.  It may mean I don't ride that day.  I think the best thing we can do for our horses, is to always give them a choice.  A partnership is about agreement of both parties and our horse deserves that respect from us.

If you enjoyed this, I did do a short video talking about it too!  

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  1. Love your informative podcasts and videos. Your strength, resilience, and determination has given me the confidence to try one more time. I'm glad I did, because I had the best ride ever! To be free of fear is amazing. Thank you!

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