Why do I keep replaying memories in my head?
That feeling of stress, the sweaty palms, the fast breathing, it comes from going back into the past in our minds, feeling the things that happened.  Those feelings bring more thoughts, like magnets, and the spiral heads right down into anxiety and panic attacks.  Have you ever asked yourself why you keep replaying memories in your head?

For me, there are three reasons I keep that memory wheel running in my head, and what I do to fix each one.

1. I am not being mindful of the present moment.  This is a big one for me.  I love just being, right here, right now.  It takes practice.  When I realize I am back replaying the memory movie, I can snap myself back into the present moment.  It is a lot easier if you practice this when not being in that swamp of nasty memories.  (Click here for my free 7 days to Mindfulness guide)

2. There is a trigger to the memory.  This one happens when I see a horse rear or start to rear.  It puts me right back in that moment of fear.   This is a great one to fix, when you are sitting on the couch and all nice and relaxed.  Reset the trigger.  Google search horseback riding and look at images of great rides.  Feel how good that feels and really set that feeling.  I use an anchor too.  I take a really good smelling essential oil, my favorites for this are Stress Away or Joy, and smell them while I am feeling how an amazing ride would feel.  It can also be closing your eyes and remember amazing rides you have had.  They key is to really put yourself in that moment and anchor it.   Then think about the trigger, a horse rearing in my example, and see it getting smaller and smaller.  See that trigger just disappearing.  Go right back to the feeling of the amazing ride, smell the essential oils, feel that amazing feeling.  Repeat this 5 - 10 times.  You will notice your trigger isn't so much a trigger anymore.

3. I play the "What if" game.  What if my horse lifts its head.  What if my horse starts to rear.  What if, what if, what if.  This is another one that is fun to do while relaxing on your couch, at least at first.  Pick better "what if's"!  What if you have the best ride ever?  What if it is a beautiful day and you just feel the rhythm with your horses footfall.  What if you and your horse have an amazing adventure.  See how many you can come up with.  Write them down.  Keep adding to the list.  Read the list, over and over.  Practice your what ifs.  As you go to the barn, practice your what ifs!


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