Why is it so hard to let go of anxiety?
Palms start to sweat.  The feeling of the world closing in on you.  Breathing becomes shallow and it seems so hard to breath. The heat rises to the top of the head and the feelings of being trapped overwhelm.  That feeling comes from not being in control.  It makes you mind for get to think and your entire focus is in a very small, tiny world right around you, trying to survive.  There are so many feelings that go along with anxiety but the biggest one for me, is the feeling of "NOT" being in control.

This started when I was little.  The dentist seemed like a GIANT Boogeyman.  Having stitches and all the blood after being kicked in the head by my pony after I fell off.  Motorcycles anywhere near after having one hit us head on.  There were so many triggers for my anxiety, and they were all around not being in control.

After my horse accident in 2000, I knew I had to find a way out of the anxiety and there were several pieces that worked for me.  First of all, I had to know I had done everything to be safe.  Some was easy, dentist isn't going to kill me.  Flying wasn't so easy, that is all out of my control.  Even being a passenger in a car was challenging and led to me searching for something that would work.  The mental focus on the "What If's" that served me, made me feel better, helped a LOT.  We get to choose what our "what ifs" look like so choose wisely.

Secondly, I found Stress Away and Thieves Essential oils.  I used a process I learned call "anchoring" to anchor Stress Away to calm on a bracelet on my right wrist, and Thieves for Courage on my left wrist.  This allowed me to be in control of my calm and my courage.  (To learn more about anchoring, I would be happy to help you, you can schedule 30 minutes with me here!)

The last thing that was the final piece of the puzzle is CBD under the tongue.  Just one drop allowed my release of my anxiety.  So much so, that the last time I went to the dentist, I fell asleep HUGE WIN.  I can have a horse act up and I don't shake!  It was just the final piece in that giant jigsaw puzzle of getting over anxiety and loving life again!  

If you are ready to kick anxiety to the curb, you can check out the products on my wishlist!  Click Here.

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