Why don't we take care of ourselves?  Like our horses would take care of us?
Imagine, you are the one in the pasture, or stable, and our horses are in charge of our health and wellbeing. 

Would you have great food?  Fresh water?  Or would you be eating fast food, drinking coffee and soda?

Would you have a good night's sleep, every night, in a comfy bed?

Would you have all your vitamins every day?

This really hit home for me in a coaching call I was doing last week.  Why don't we take care of ourselves, as well as our horses or others would take care of us?

We get so used to just rushing through life, living in a state of overwhelm and stress that we don't even know how to just "Be" a human.  Here are my top 5 tips for living more like our horses are taking care of us:

1. Drink lots of cool, fresh, clean water.
2. Eat good food for your health.  No processed foods, no sodas, no yuck.  Think of your horse feeding you for your best health.  Not every person is the same, just like not every horse is the same, but there is a great diet for each human and for each horse.
3. Take time to just BE.  Whatever that means for you, meditation, prayer, nature, yoga, whatever just "BEING" looks like, take time to BE, in each moment.
4. Exercise.  Keep your body flexible, strong, and balanced.  Use both sides of your body, take care of your core, build strength just in case some day you need it.
5. Sleep.  Deep, wonderful rest, will heal our bodies, heal our minds, and rejuvenate all the things that we have done for so many years.

Why don't we take care of ourselves?  Like our horses would take care of us?

Would love to hear your thoughts if you would like to reply!

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