How do I deal with anxiety over finances? - Especially with horses!
That feeling of just keeping our head above water, like we are going to sink at any moment, can be worse for those of us with horses.  They are an expensive passion.  The fear of vet bills to care for our furry friends.  The anxiety of maybe having our job go away.  All of this stress and anxiety can affect our horses.

We may not realize it, but when we go see our horses, if we take that financial anxiety with us, they can feel it.  They don't understand it.  They understand that it is anxiety and we are stressed and their life depends on recognizing stress.  I think anxiety could be one of the reasons horses shut down, to protect themselves from all the anxiety that is overwhelming to them.  The opposite ones are the ones that get really spooky, looking for what the heck we are afraid of.  Where is it?  They don't see it.

So, how do I deal with anxiety over finances?

First and foremost, I know in my heart that God will provide.  I have always believed this.  It is how I got my first pony when I was five, that my family didn't have the money for.  I believed God would provide a pony and I had a pony.  During times of trouble, where I didn't have the money to make it to the end of the month, I trusted.  A random check would show up in the mail that perfectly covered the rest of the months bills, or I would get a job offer that was just perfect.  

The second thing was implementing a system for my finances.  I tried a bunch of programs but the one that worked for me was T. Harv Eker.  His system worked amazing, and I was able to build a cushion and pay off all my bad debt.  Yes, there is good debt.  It is debt that earns you money.

The third thing was talking to others, especially horse people that were making it happen and had the life I wanted.  How did they do it?  Having honest conversations with others that were where I wanted to be really helped.

When I go see my horses, I leave the anxieties I have behind.  I don't carry them with me to the horses.  It isn't fair to them.  

My free guide, The Ghosts of Anxiety - Past, Present, and Future, might help a little more if this resonated with you.  

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  1. Love your blog! If I am anxious, I go to the barn. My cats and horses seem to take my anxiety away, along with the chores. I never thought about the horses getting anxious. even though I know they reflect my emotions. I'll try to leave my anxiousness at the door or with the cats--who don't seem to mind--before I see the horses.

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