Riding, Summer Heat, And FEAR?
I absolutely LOVE summer, heat, humidity, they agree with me.  But I also use summer heat as an EXCUSE not to ride!!!!
Who is with me on this one????  You get all dressed up to go ride, you walk out the door, and you think, maybe later, maybe I will get up earlier, maybe after they eat, maybe after I eat, EVERY EXCUSE in the book, I have used.
But what if you look at this differently.  My main reason for not riding is FEAR, I will admit that.  The FEAR of getting hurt! The heat seems like as good a reason as any NOT to ride.  Can I USE HEAT, to my advantage?  
What CAN I DO in the heat?
  • Walk
  • Halt
  • Backing
  • Small Bending Circles
  • Turn on the forehand/haunches
  • Leg Yields
  • Serpentine - Using Reins or just the legs
  • Etc.
I have been doing this for a few days now with Taika and I have to admit, I am having a BLAST. Every minute spent on her back adds Courage Penny's into the Piggy Bank!  I can feel my confidence growing and it is so simple.  We are developing our partnership!
It is hot so she doesn't want to run off or bolt or do anything except stand.  She gets the reward of a nice cool bath after. We find places that are in the shade which pushes me out of my comfort zone and are places I haven't ridden before but it is easy because she wants the shade too.
There is some prep involved that I recommend. If it is really hot you can hose off before riding, just make sure you sweat scrap.  I always use my Thieves for Courage and Stress Away for Calm and they really help me!  I wear my FROGG TOGG which has been a HUGE game changer for me (link at the bottom).  I keep a bottle of water right by my grooming area, with my amazing electrolyte stuff to save me from passing out when I get off.  

All of this has made for a GREAT Summer and I know that every foot step I take on the back of a horse, gives me one more penny in my Courage Bank!
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