How to Get Rid of a Boggart!
If you read the Harry Potter Books or saw the movies, there is a great representation of this concept!  Turning Boggarts into something funny.  Your greatest fear into something to laugh about.  The spell, Riddikulus, all by itself makes me laugh as it reduces fear into hysterics!!!!  

My Boggart is a horse rearing and falling over on me.  My spell is for ACME's Wile-E-Coyote and the trap he has set to get the Road Runner.  It is a horse wearing ballet slippers that can dance like the wind to make the Road Runner stop and the horse flips onto the Road Runner catching him.  I am Wile-E-Coyote and of course I get squished by the horse but then pop right back up to do it all over again.  This makes me laugh about my accident! RIDDIKULUS!!!!!!

When we share some of our most terrifying memories with friends, as they did that day in Hogwarts, the fear loses it's edge, often dissolving into laughter. There's a powerful reason for this, and it's the secret sauce behind my latest podcast episode, "Laughing Your Way Out of Fear."

Fear has a way of paralyzing us, keeping us from fully enjoying life or pursuing our dreams. But what if we could transform those fear-inducing memories into something less threatening, even funny? That's where the magic of cartooning comes in.

Picture this: Your biggest fear, that moment that makes your palms sweat just thinking about it, reimagined as a silly cartoon. Suddenly, that menacing shadow becomes a bumbling character with oversized feet. The thunderous voice that once terrified you? Now it's coming from a tiny mouse with a megaphone.  That feeling of fear bubbles up as a good old fashioned belly laugh.

By visualizing our fears in this exaggerated, cartoon-like manner, we're actually rewiring our brain's response to these memories. We're taking control of the narrative, turning ourselves from victims into the directors of our own mental comedy show.

Remember, laughter isn't just about entertainment – it's a powerful tool for healing and growth. By finding the humor in our fears, we're not dismissing them, but rather disarming them. We're saying, "I see you, fear, and I choose to rewrite this story."  I give you permission to rewrite your memories!  Rem

So, are you ready to turn your fear memories into cartoons and laugh your way to a braver, more confident you?  Just remember, RIDDIKULUS!!!!!

If you would like to hear my thoughts, it is on my Turn Riding Fear Around Podcast on most platforms or you watch it on Rumble or Youtube!  Watch here!


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