Where does fear take place?
I was climbing down from the step stool in the rabbit area and just as I was stepping off, I panicked!  My subconscious realized I would be stepping onto a snake.  In the blink of an eye, my body was able to redirect my step to miss the snake.  This triggered a number of thoughts for me.  

1. My fear was subconscious.  I didn't "think" there is a snake and jump, my body just did it and my mind caught up after the fact.  
2. The fear was not in my mind.  It turned out it was just a skin the snake had shed so I was not in real danger but my subconscious didn't know that.
3.. Fear doesn't take a vacation.  I am not afraid of snakes, but I did jump at this to keep me safe.  It happened on Thanksgiving day.  My fear didn't take the day off for the holiday.
4.. Fear can take place anywhere, anytime.  Fear doesn't care if you are sitting on the couch thinking about something that happened, or that it is really happening.  Even now as I write about the snake I thought I saw, my heart rate and breathing rate go up.  I am sitting on my couch.

Fear takes place in our subconscious first.  It might be triggered by our thoughts, like me sitting on the couch writing this or it may be triggered by our senses but we don't think "I am going to be scared" and then be scared.  Our subconscious takes over and keeps us safe, whether perceived, imaginary, or real fear.

This give us POWER.  We get to choose to think about amazing, positive things so that at least the perceived and imaginary fear can leave us alone.  We do have control of our mind and we can practice.   Just like putting training wheels on a bicycle, we can practice courage and joy.  We can change it around so that fear only takes place when it is actually keeping us safe.  We don't want to ignore fear, but honor it, act if necessary, and move into courage and calm if we don't need to react.

Let's practice together!
1. Find a place to sit comfortably.  
2.Think of the last thing that scared you that wasn't a big deal, just a little scare.  
3. Observe your mind and body:  Feel your breathing and your heart rate.  Did they increase with the recall of the memory?  Notice if how you feel changed.  Did your anxiety increase?
4. Now, think about something calming for you or play some calming music.
5. Observe your mind and body as before.
6. Repeat until you can easily bring your feelings back to calm and courage.  Then, you can increase the pressure from your memories or the "what if's" from the future.
7. Get really good and feeling the anxiety and fear, and calming back down.

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