How do you regain confidence in riding horses after a traumatic accident?
After 60 seconds of terror, left me searching for how to find the 1000's of hours of joy in the saddle again, I knew I had to find how to regain confidence. This type of experience can leave you feeling unsure and scared to get back in the saddle, but with the right mindset and approach, it is possible to overcome these feelings.  We all have different situations, but we share the love of feeling the horse moving under us as one.  That joy can be brought back to life.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you are struggling and seek advice on how to move forward. So, give yourself credit for recognizing the challenge and taking steps to overcome it.  Starting the journey can be the hardest part.

One suggestion is to start slowly, one step at a time.  This may mean spending time in a non-riding capacity, such as ground play. This can help you build trust and a positive relationship again.

The second suggestion would be to prepare to ride.  Make sure you and the horse are ready to take those first steps together again.  There is no timeframe, you and your horse get to pick when you are both ready.  
The third suggestion would be to start small.  Mine first ride was 4 steps.  I can do anything for 4 steps.  Pick something really easy.
Additionally, it may be helpful to have someone with you as you begin to ride again.  There isn't anything wrong with having someone lead you.   An amazing Grand Prix dressage trainer, Alicia Dickenson has someone lead her the first few times she hacks a new off the track horse for additional safety.  If she can do it, we can all have permission to do it too!

It is important to remember that everyone's experience with trauma is unique, and there is no right or wrong way to approach the process of regaining confidence. Take things at your own pace, and don't push yourself too hard. With patience, support, and a positive attitude, it is possible to overcome this challenge.

Lastly, don't hesitate to reach out if you need any further support or guidance. Your safety and well-being should always come first. Remember that you are not alone in this, and there are people who are willing to help you every step of the way.

I am happy to help you put together a plan if you would like to schedule a 30-minute coaching to get you started.  Just click here to get it on my calendar!


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