How often do people get hurt riding horses?
How often do people get hurt riding horses is such an interesting question.  There is so much fear and anxiety around getting hurt riding horses, but I wonder, if the hours spent worrying are more than the hours spent actually recovering from an injury.  I am just going to go with my experience and share with you.

My first pony, an unbroke 2-year-old Shetland pony stallion, that we gelded, and I trained to trail ride, when I was 5, I fell off once.  I had probably an hour a day with him, for a year and a half, so let's go conservative and say 300 hours.  The one time I fell off, he had just had his feet trimmed and he jumped over me to keep from stepping on me and clipped the back of my head.  It was 5 stitches and no recovery time.  So let's say 5 hours of injury recovery.

My second pony, also a 2-year-old unbroke, but this time, POA filly.  When I was about 9, I actually had to stop counting because I had been bucked off over 480 times.  Having her for 3 years, and hundreds of hours of riding, and 480 times hitting the dirt, I had no injuries, just depressed from not being able to stay on her.  We even had a mountain lion attack us once and we both made it home without her bucking me off!  No injuries.

I think my next 6 or 7 horses, from when I was 10 until I was 24 or 25, I didn't have any falls or accidents.  I competed in hunters, equitation, worked on a ranch riding their horses, trail riding, etc. and would have added up to 1000's of hours of riding.  I then had a fall in a jumper class, no injuries, got back on and competed in the next class.  I had a few more falls here and there but no injuries.  Then, I had my major accident which I talk about in my book.  That one still didn't have any injuries other than bruising, to my physical body but it was the start of the emotional battle.

So here are my thoughts.  The more time spent in the saddle, the less chance of getting injured.  You get more in tune with your horse, with you, and with your reactions. So, if getting back into riding, start out slow, and build on the riding. Accidents do happen.  So prepare your body the best that you can.  I take care of my health.  My skin was getting thin, I fixed it.  My body was getting stiff and sore, I fixed it.  I was gaining a little weight, I fixed it.  I have a passion to ride.  I want to ride.  I love to ride.  The thousands of hours of joy are worth the chance of getting hurt, but I also do everything in my power to eliminate the risks.

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