Can we see energy?
Sitting on the hillside, with the sun on my back, and just the amazing feeling all the way to the center of the earth was how I used to spend my lunch times.  It was an overlook for a whole stand of eucalyptus trees that seemed to go on forever.  The leaves would shimmer and the trees would sway.  As I watched, I could see the energy of the wind, blow from one side of the field to the other side of the field and swirl around in between.  I was mesmerized by being able to watch the energy of the wind.

Laying down in the lush moss, beside a creek with the sun and shadows all around.  I could see the water swirling around rocks and moving faster in the skinnier areas and slow and steady in the wider areas of the creek.  I could see the energy of the water.

Sitting there this morning, watching the horses in the pasture, moving around, and being horses.  Binky laid down and had a great roll.  While she was laying down, Michelle joined her, really getting into the dirt and dust and putting all her effort into the roll.  Taika was pickier, looking for a place to lay down and circling the spots that looked good.  Before Taika could lay down, and while Binky was sitting on her way up from her roll, Michelle jumped up and ran, bucking!  That intense energy I could feel and both Binky and Taika joined in.  They circled the pasture a few times, bucking and playing.  Swinging their heads and exuding pure joy.  I realized I was feeling and watching the energy of beings.  I had the privilege, even though there was a distance between us, of feeling their energy and being part of it.  

I have thought about energy and how it pushes and/or pulls things to us or away from us.  These visuals of energy are real.  They can be felt and seen.  I hate sleeping with a fan on, that steady dribble of fake wind.  I love sleeping with the windows open and feeling the touch of the breeze on my cheeks.  I have played with magnets, repelling each other or attracting each other.  I have played with a horse and our hearts, liberty lunging with no physical connection.

Play with your energy.  Observe the energy all around you.  Anxiety and joy are energies that can't exist in the same place, practice the energy of joy.

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