What ointment for sarcoids in horses?
Sarcoids are so frustrating, but I have had great results with all the ones I have had on my horses.

I walked into our three-sided shed one day, and there was blood everywhere.  I was shocked.  All three mares were standing their, quietly munching their hay and it looked like one of them had lost a leg.  I searched and searched, running my hands all over them and nothing.  Fresh blood and it just appeared out of thin air.

I sat down in complete frustration, not knowing if my horse was going to die or even which one.  As soon as I sat down, I could see the Sarcoid, between my mares thigh and her udder, up as far as it could be.  It was about the size of a golf ball and I could see where it must have burst and then clotted over.  This would not be the last of the blood, or the sarcoids, but I knew I had to do something until I could get the vet there.

I called my vet friend that uses Young Living Products since I knew I had a bunch of stuff on hand and might be able to help my poor horse.  Here is the protocol she recommended twice a day until the vet could get here:

First, clean really well with Thieves Cleaner - 3 capful strength in 16 ounces of water.
Dry really well.
Gently rub in this blend:  (it lasted me about 5 days, twice a day)
Copaiba - 20 drops
Purification - 20 drops
Thieves - 10 drops
Longevity - 10 drops
 Tea tree - 20 drops

Cover with Animal Scents ointment (I mix with a tiny bit of coconut oil to get good consistency to apply).

It took a few weeks but the sarcoid disappeared before the vet came.  She had a few more pop up and he was able to see one and confirmed it was a sarcoid and was surprised that the big one had gone away.

Usually, sarcoids go away on their own but not always and it is important to have a vet look as soon as possible.  The above supports the healing along with what the vet needs to do.


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