Can You Reverse the Age of Your Body?
I would have said NO WAY.  I had tried everything.  

When I was 5, I wanted my aunts to sit on the floor and play a board game with me.  They declined and said they would be in too much pain.  I remember I was shocked.  I vowed right then and there; I would NOT be that person that couldn't sit and play a board game with the kids.

Fast forward 50 years and guess what, I was that person.  Not only could I not sit on the floor to play a board game, but my horse riding had suffered since I just had lost my flexibility and was so stiff and sore.  Even putting on my socks was a challenge.

I tried this and that and there was improvement but not a complete solution.  I tried yoga but hated it.  I tried exercising but I already get enough of that with the farm.  I tried eating different but that was just a challenge to know what to eat, what not to eat, I just didn't have directions.  What happened to our owner's manual?  Life would be so much easier.

Well, the wonderful Marth Krejci, gave me the owners manual.  It came in the form of an 11-day jumpstart that I did the beginning of January.  It has the food to eat.  When to eat it.  The Water to remove the toxins.  The supplements to latch on to toxins and allow the water to remove them.  It was easy.  Step by step.  For the first time in years, I am looking forward to spring riding!  I am looking forward to the grandkids visiting.

I feel GREAT!  The flexibility and balance I have gained reduced my anxiety getting on my horses!  

If you would like to check out the 11-day program (and the bonus stuff I am throwing in for horse people!), just click here!

If you would like to hear me talking about my experience, I did a short blurb on youtube!  


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