Am I Strong Enough?
Going through hard times makes us stronger.  Or are we already stronger than we could ever imagine, and we just don't know it?

After my accident, I was questioning, am I strong enough?  It can't only be about physical strength.  Our horses will always be stronger than we are.  We do have to be physically strong enough to care for our horses.  We have to be able to groom, saddle, mount, ride, unsaddle, and so many other things to be a good partner for our horses.  But it isn't just that physical strength.  It is strength of character and heart.

This shows up in the subtle things and the big things.  Today, as I was trying to trim Michelle's front right hoof, she kept turning her head between me and her.  She kept trying to put me in her left eye.  I would just back up a bit and give her time to allow me into her space on the right side.  I had a time schedule that I needed to be back in for a meeting, but I also knew I needed to get her feet trimmed.  Today, I was strong enough to wait.  I was strong enough to hold that space for her to relax and allow me onto her right side.  I started to feel the stress come up, the needing to get it done.  But my strength of heart took over and gave her time to catch up to me.  To relax into me.  It took an hour, but I got both front feet trimmed and she was much quieter when we finished.  I never had to "get after her" or "make her stand".  I let her move, I let her block me, I let her tell me she just wasn't comfortable, emotionally.

I had the strength to trim some of her right front foot from the left side.  That didn't seem to bother her at all, and it let me show her that she could stand and hold up the right front foot.  Normally I would duck under the neck and go to the other side.  I knew this would disrespect her and so I didn't.  I backed up and went around the front, allowing her to say no.  To keep her head between us.  I rubbed her face and loved on her until she relaxed enough to let me in, to give me the gift of her foot.

Am I strong enough?  Today I was.  We are all stronger than we could ever imagine and sometimes, we need to tap into that strength to notice the subtle things and do the right thing for our horses.  

I have a fun foot exercise in this youtube video I did a while back.  I guess I need to do some of this with Michelle!  If you would like a fun challenge to do with your horses feet, click here!


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