Can Horses Sense Fear?  I have proof!

It was a really windy day.  Tarps and boxes were blowing around and the noise from the leaves in the trees was like a freight train.  I took Michelle for a walk because other than the wind, the day was gorgeous.  I thought it would be good to practice walking behind me at the end of the lead rope.


Up the hill, she was so good.  She stayed back and we had a great walk.  Around the corner of the pasture, we kept walking and voila, the cardboard flew off the car trailer right next to us.  It gave us a great opportunity to do some work and ignore the cardboard.  She did very well but I could tell I was at her threshold.


We turned to walk back to the pasture gate.  She was at the end of the lead rope behind me, but I could tell she was a powder keg by now.  I kept checking over my shoulder to make sure she didn't run me over and she escalated some more.  I checked more.  Then, BAM, it hit me. Can horses sense fear?  YES! 


She didn't know I was worried about her running me over.  She thought I was worried about what was behind us, the cardboard, attacking.  When I had that realization, I immediately started walking confidently just like I had on the way out.  It was a drastic difference for her.  She immediately blew out and started to relax.  She followed along at the end of the lead rope, and I knew she wasn't going to run me over.  I was confident.  I needed to be her leader, not the person afraid of being run over.  As soon as I let go of the fear behind me, she let go of the fear behind her and we had a lovely walk back to the pasture.


As I was reviewing this later, I realized that the fear of what is behind us is far more than just in that moment.  My fear of my accident in 2000 was a fear of what was behind me, in the past.  There are so many fears that we carry along that are behind us.  These fears are an anchor holding us back from living life to the fullest.  Drop the anchors, raise the sails and become the captain of your life!


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