How do you take care of yourself? Would your horse approve?
I was having a conversation this week that really hit me right between the eyes.  We bend over backwards for our horses to make sure of the following:

1. Peace - that they live in a peaceful environment.
2. Love - We want them to know they are loved.
3. Provided for - that they have everything they need
4. Truth - You can't lie to a horse; they see right to your soul. 

How do you take care of yourself?  Would your horse approve.

1. Peace - do you stay in a state of peace, trusting that life if going in the right direction?
2. Love - do you love yourself, 100%, with your whole heart?
3. Cared For - do you care for yourself, your health, your flexibility, your balance, your strength?
4. Truth - are you honest with yourself.  Living in the present moment, in joy.  Is your plate overfull and are their things you can say no too?

Would your horse take care of you better than you take care of yourself?

Here are some things that your horse would do for you:

Your horse loves you, would fill you up with love so you can love yourself, all of you, inside and out.  Your horse would provide nutritious food for you, food that would help you thrive.  They would research it and feed you the best food for you.  Your horse would make sure you were happy and fulfilled.  Your horse would want you to be 100% honest, with yourself and with them.  If you wanted to go for a ride, or just wanted to hang out, your horse would listen and be there for you.  Your horse would want to go on adventures with you, as long as you were present, not worrying about the future and not depressed about the past, but in joy, right here, right now.

Love from me, love from my bay girls.  Love yourself first.


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