What To Do If You Start Panicking While Horse Riding

That terror of the horse going up, first the head, then the neck and shoulders follow, then at the peak, the tipping point, you realize that the horse is going over and there is nothing you can do about it.  The crash and the pain and just knowing you are dead or dying.  Then the anxiety and fear set in that it will happen again. 


When the head starts to go up, or the horse speeds up on its own, or any number of other triggers, the panic takes off in your heart and body.  The fear robs you of all the joy from riding.  You spent hundreds of hours enjoying riding and now, you are just waiting for the next buck, the next rear, the next crash to the ground.


This is specifically talking about panicking when your horse is being fine, you are not in real danger.  Panic attacks are real.  The first thing is to practice before you get on your horse.  Make sure you can amp up your stress level and know how to calm yourself back down.  Not every solution works for every person so practicing getting stressed and then calming down again before getting on will help you know what helps you the most. 


The things that have helped me is Breathing and knowing what breathing techniques work for me.  The second is to know my comfort zone, go to the edge, take a few steps more and then call it done.  If my comfort zone is riding to the head of the trail, I might go 10 feet down the trail, but I would not do a 3-hour trail ride.  Know what your comfort zone is.  The third thing is to practice on the horse.  Set up things that trigger your panic in a controlled environment and practice remaining calm or panicking and then coming back to calm.


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