What are the risks of horse riding?
I have heard so many people ask, what are the risks of horse riding, or isn't it risky or dangerous to ride a horse?

The answer is yes, it is risky.  I think most people fear getting hurt and that is the risk that can hold them back. 

When I look back at the 1000's of hours, I have spent riding, I have had a few injuries while actually riding them, a few more being around them, and thankfully, none of them, for me, were serious physically.  There have been a few that impacted my anxiety and fear more than the physical injury.  But then I look back at all the things I do that are risky, and not involving horses, and really, they don't bring me the joy that riding does so there are tradeoffs.

I have been kicked.  I have been bitten.  I have been bucked off, I quit counting at 483 because it was too depressing.  I have had a mountain lion jump on the butt of my pony and we both lived to tell about it.  I have been jumped out of the saddle over a 4' oxer and knocked myself out on the withers coming back down and fallen off (in front of Bill Gates!).  I have had a horse run backwards and flip over on top of me.  It took me a while to think of all of this, but I did want you to see that there is risk.

Now for the flipside.  I have ridden to the tops of mountains for a BBQ lunch and spectacular views.  I have spent countless hours, training and jumping, to compete in 100's of horse shows.  I have won medals, ribbons, coolers, flowers, and an assortment of other trinkets.  I have enjoyed many hours of trails and incredible sights.  I swam with the horses all summer in the heat.  I have learned how to have a partnership with another being.  I have felt the wind in my hair (before helmets were a safety net) while galloping on any areas that were straight and flat. I have ridden in a mounted drill team.  The hours of joy far outweigh any risks for me.  The feeling of being one with the horse and flying over the ground are the most rewarding things ever.

As my mom would say, horses are in my blood, might as well enjoy them!

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