Horses, Fear, and FAITH
I FELT the horses with me, I FELT Their HEART. 

I was in a conversation this morning and the person really wanted to move to Hawaii, but was "LED" to move to Florida instead. As soon as she said it, I had a POWERFUL HEART emotional reaction! 

Our horses, trust us to LEAD them, they do not know where they are being led, they put complete TRUST into us keeping them safe, leading them on their journey, and they trust us 100% to know the destination.  This is so powerful for me.  I need to trust and have faith that I am being led on this journey to courage and the journey to help others find their COURAGE! 

I have struggled with fear and riding.  I am coming to Trust my horse, for her to keep me safe.  The more I trust her, the more confidence she gets.  The more I LEAD her and keep her safe riding or on the ground, the more TRUST she has in me.

Courage Pennies!

Every step of trust, for me, for my horse, is a COURAGE PENNY!  Picture a beautiful bowl for you and a beautiful bowl for your horse, and every step of trust, puts a shiny Courage Penny into those bowls.  As those bowls fill up, FEAR has no room, Fear diminishes, FEAR GOES AWAY!

Simple exercise to start filling your bowl with your Courage Pennies:

I have been doing this and it is so rewarding!  You can do it mounted or from the ground so that is a bonus!

  1. As you are with your horse or riding your horse, pay attention to them and their ears.  Their ears tell a lot about their emotions so this is so important to get in tune with their ears.  The best time to do this exercise the first few times is when their ears are relaxed or they are calm.  
  2. Move as little as you can to get their ear to flick to you.  In some cases, this might be a touch on the lead rope or rein, or a slight move of your foot, or a wave of your hand.  In some cases, you will have to become a mountain lion to get their attention on you.  Play with this.  The goal is to get an ear to flick to you with just a SLIGHT movement.  There are two purposes for this!  They will start to pay attention to you with just very subtle connection and you will begin to pay attention to them before you get into a situation that they are already gone mentally.
  3. Once you have this working really well, it can take a few minutes or a few months so don't worry about how long it takes, start practicing it when things are escalating.  When their EARS are FOCUSED on that DEER, That CAR Screeching BY, and you can control this with having people help you.  Have someone crinkle a water bottle, that is a good one for triggering.  Again repeat the exercise with getting an EAR.
  4. You want to do all of this on the ground and riding!
  5. Reward - 100 Courage Pennies for being able to do this subtle on the ground when they are VERY ALERT and 200 Courage Pennies when you get it riding!!!!!
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