I remember the excitement to go see this 3 year old filly at the track that would replace my heart horse I had lost.  She had unlimited potential.

I would ride her for 20 or 30 minutes with a lovely trot and canter and then all of a sudden, she would REAR to full height and come down like a BRONC in a rodeo. It would last 20 or 30 seconds and if I could ride it, she would go right back to the lovely trot that we has started with, if not, I hit the ground.

Then after just a few months, diagnosis and Devastation! KISSING SPINE! I felt like I had been punched and all the air had left my body. My new amazing horse that I planned to start competing with in the Spring of 2014, had Kissing Spine (along with a fractured skull). I felt completely helpless!

Everyone I knew didn't even hesitate, they all said put her down! She will never be SAFE, she will always be in pain. The more I learned, the more I felt CRUSHED. She was just the sweetest young mare and I had bonded with her immediately at the track when I went to look at her and our bond had only grown.

On top of that, the treatments were THOUSANDS of dollars! I just couldn't fathom putting this sweet young horse down, I had to find a solution.

Lots of research and an Amazing Chiropractor and we had a GLIMMER OF HOPE.


    1. Teach her to carry herself to build her "ABS", yes, you read that right…."ABS" to support her back. We did this with free lunging, no side reins, no lunge line, it had to be on her terms so that if she did hit that spot, she wasn't confined, she could move through it on her own. No trotting, this was all WALK and CANTER. There are a lot more details if you would like to know more Contact me.
    2. Monthly Chiropractor work at first and in the end, it was every 6 months (this took THREE YEARS!)
    3. Fix her feet. She had really low heels as most horses in the US do these days. I am now trimming myself because I could not find one trimmer that didn’t take too much off the heels.


A sound horse, cleared 100% for everything, even jumping. I still have to do maintenance when I see her abs letting down but for the most part, she is MY HEART HORSE, no rear, no buck, just amazing riding partner!

Here is a bonus that has helped on our journey to health!  If you would like to get my "3 Snippets of Removing Toxins from the Tack Room!" and to stay in touch!

Detoxing Your Tack Room SNIPPETS!

Disclaimer - I am not a vet and do not give medical advice for horses. I am just sharing what I went through and what worked for me.

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  1. We spoke today in regard to our girl Monarch with kissing spines. I'd love to know what toxins I need to watch for please ma'am. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me. We truly feel so much hope. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— You are a blessing! ๐Ÿงก

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