How can I improve my balance while riding?
The better the balance, the higher the confidence!  Imagine feeling solid standing on the ground.  You feel invincible standing there with your feet slightly apart, maybe one in front of the other.  How can I improve my balance while riding using that feeling from standing on the ground?

I love Alicia Dickenson when she talks about the 80/20 rule.  80% of your weight in your stirrups, feeling like you are standing on the ground and 20% throughout the rest of your legs.  When I tried this, I was shocked at how solid I felt.  I add in the additional putting one foot slightly ahead of the other foot which adds to my feeling of balance on the horse.  By keeping weight in the feet, and feeling like you are standing on the ground, your horse can move and even play under you and it doesn't throw you off balance like it does with the weight in your seat.  A friend once said it is like sitting on a loaf of bread without smashing it.  

The second area of focus for me, especially if I have not been riding for a while is to "ride" an exercise ball.  I love playing with my feet, my weight, moving and movements while on the ball.  I can feel a posting trot or a canter motion and if I fall off, I only have a couple feet to go!  Bonus!  

The next area that I love to play with is my balance on one foot or the other foot.  I will stand on one foot, bending that knee and straightening while swinging my other leg all around until I feel really confident standing on one foot.  I love doing this while doing dishes or folding laundry or even while grooming my horse.  There are so many times I can really play standing on one leg.  If you want an extra challenge, do this one with your eyes closed.  Make sure you are safe and have something to hold on to though, it takes some getting used to.

I feel so much more confident in the saddle by implementing the above!   If you resonated with the above and would really like to take it to the next level, here is my guide,  5 ways to feel like a kid again!


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