How to get back on the horse?
The hour ride in the ambulance, knowing I wasn't going to make it, was the longest hour ever.  It was such a beautiful day, and having a horse get bit by a black widow and then flip over on me was just completely crazy.  It was my first camping trip with horses and I had been so excited.  I made so many mistakes and looking back at that, I can fix the mistakes that caused the accident.  It was an accident that was 100% preventable.

This gives me confidence that I can prepare and not go through it again.  But how?  How to get back on the horse?  

Here are my four must haves:

1. A pre-ride checklist, for me and for the horse.  All the check boxes have to be YES before I proceed.  If any one is not ok, I do what will fix it before proceeding.  (You can get a copy of the checklists here if you would like to see mine!)

2. I must have all the safety equipment that helps me feel safe.  I use a life jacket because it fits me great but probably isn't as good as a horse-riding vest.  I always wear a helmet and boots.  My tack is always checked to make sure it is in good working order.

3. I use CBD for the first rides back.  It works to stop the shakes.  I believe it isn't fair to the horse to have to carry my fear.  I need to do something to alleviate the fear while I get my courage back and CBD works for me.

4. I have a PLAN.  For me, it is to get on and take 4 steps.  Stop and re-evaluate.  I can do 4 steps.  For me, it was important to not just get on and get back off.  It was important to take those first steps.  With everything else in place, the 4 steps worked out great!  

If you would like help with any of the steps to getting back on the horse, I am happy to talk you through your first plan.  
You can put some time on my calendar if that would be of interest to you!  Put Your Plan TOGETHER!


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