How Do I Stop Obsessing Over What If?
What if we turn it around from how do I stop obsessing over what if, to how do I obsess over amazing what if's?  There are a lot of times we worry and stress about what might happen, what could happen in a bad way, the worst-case scenario.  Nobody says we have to stay in the negative mind yuck.

Let's change our what ifs around to the best possible outcomes.  The amazing things that we want.  Fill ourselves up with what ifs that support our dreams and become our reality.  This was more powerful that I could have imagined.  I first wrote down the main yucky what ifs that were stuck in my head when I would think about riding.  I looked at them from the root.  For me, it was not being in control.  Surprise, that shows up in other areas of my life too!  How could I change it around to what ifs that let me be in control?

I just dove in.  What if my ride is relaxing and we enjoy every minute?  What if I feel the rhythm of my horses' feet and we are in sync for the entire ride?  What if we get to see amazing things, feel the sun on our backs and the breeze on our cheeks.  The more I wrote down the what if's the filled me with joy, the more I felt good.  The less room there was for anxiety and fear.  I wrote down 10, powerful what if's and practiced them 5 times a day for 7 days.  WOW.  I could hardly remember the original what if's that had caused so much stress.  They had faded.  The more I fill up with great, amazing what if's, the more the yuck fades.  The best part, my horses seem to feel the shift in me, they are more attentive and in tune.  They want to be with me instead of running from me.

If you would like to see a short mini-course I did on creating better what if's, just click here!

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  1. Thank you for the what ifs!

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