Can laughing get rid of anxiety?
How many New Year's resolutions have you not completed or accomplished?  Honestly, who came up with resolutions anyway?  I remember the stress level that I felt for the first few months of the year when I was striving to get off on a good foot accomplishing my resolutions for the year.  

Thirty years ago, I decided that I didn't want the stress of trying to meet this random thing I felt like I should be doing to fit in.  I changed it up and decided that I wanted to "feel" better, each and every day for the year, but how?  For me, I came up with the idea of 400 laughs a day.  It is too big a number to track and yet, it is big enough to really strive for things to laugh at, all day long.  

Here are the benefits I am finding from making this change:
1. I feel better.  I am healthier.  Laughter really does change your physiology and lightens your burden.
2. Stress reduction - I got rid of the stress of trying to do something that wasn't for me.  I think most of that stress was "fitting in" but some of it was actually finding the time and doing whatever thing I thought I should be doing.
3. Choice - The more I laugh, the more people around me laugh, the more the world just seems to be a better place.  Laughing is a choice and it is a much better choice for me than anger.
4. Anxiety reduction - this was very powerful for me.  One of the things I laugh at the most was my encounter with the dentist.  I am petrified of the dentist.  I was sitting in the chair, getting a crown, and when they finished and handed me the mirror, I couldn't move my arm.  Immediately, I started to get hot, I could feel me stress level going up.  Did the dentist paralyze me?  What was going on?  The dentist started to get concerned and then realized, he had glued my arm to my leg.  It was in that moment that I couldn't help laughing hysterically.  It felt great and, in that moment, it significantly reduced my anxiety for the dentist.  Laughter really does reduce or get rid of anxiety!

If you have ever wondered how to get a little more laughter into your life, I wrote a book that has some of my favorites!  If you are interested, click here for more information.


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