Can Horses Help to Get Over Riding Anxiety?

If you have the right horse for you, yes!  A lot of riding anxiety comes from mismatched horse and rider.  We feel like we are giving up if we sell the horse to a better home for that horse, but I think it is just the opposite.  


If a horse isn't a good fit for a person, and we keep them, the horse feels bad that it isn't right.  I have sold a few that were not good fits for me, and they blossomed in their new homes.  It was hard for me to watch but so rewarding all at the same time.


Horses don't want to hurt us, once we are herd members.  Bonding with the horse and learning how to communicate with each horse is so important.


There are horses that are more timid, communicating with them can require a little more finesses but it is amazing to see them gain confidence through clear, quiet communication.  


Horses that are more outgoing and maybe even aggressive, require more confidence and "louder" communication.  Timing is so important to really show them that you are a partner and can be trusted to lead.


If we let our horses, they will teach us how to relax, breath, ride.  In the time since my accident, I have learned so much about my own courage, my fears, and the things that work for me to gain courage. (I share this journey back to courage in my book if you would be interested in reading the whole story, click here).  When I get on, if I tense up, I can feel them tense up.  I can practice breathing, especially, exhaling, to calm me and feel the horse calm too.  I started out with taking four steps.  I felt like I was on cloud nine after those first four steps back.  Sounds silly, but it was huge for me.


As we build our courage, it will carry over to all areas of our lives.  I have become braver in all areas of my life.  I am more confident with work, with speaking up for me, with sharing my fears and my successes with others to help them along. I never would have written two books if it wasn't for this amazing journey back to courage and this was enabled by my horses. wasn't for this amazing journey back to courage and this was enabled by my horses.

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