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Rise From Fear to Courage: Saddle Up and Enjoy Riding Your Horse Again!
Written by Elise Hittinger

After my Accident, I found myself with more excuses NOT to ride than grains of sand in an arena. Wind, rain, sun, breeze, sneeze, if I could come up with an excuse not to trail ride, I would. I was not enjoying my horses, and this had to CHANGE. I went on a journey to find my courage and what I found was so much more than just riding. I found the Path to Courage. I show you how to look at mind and body, knowledge, and experience, and put all those pieces together to find your COURAGE! 

If you have ever felt alone in your fear, I created a support group, just for us!
I would love for you to join us!
After my accident, I was blessed to develop a process to get back to enjoying riding my horses again. It didn’t happen overnight, but it is so rewarding to have my courage back! I help others to get their courage back and enjoy their horses again! 


Fear to Courage Virtual Clinic
Taking Your Fear and Turning it to Courage!
🏇🏇Has Fear crept into your horse riding or did it come crashing in with a BANG???🏇🏇

🎠 Do you wonder if you will ever enjoy a ride again?

🎠 Do you look for excuses not to ride?
🎠 Do you love your horse but really miss that bond of a good adventure?
🎠 Do you feel like you are paying all this money and not enjoying your horse to the fullest?
🎠 Are people telling you to just get on and ride, or worse yet, sell your horse?

If this sounds like you, I can say for certain, you are not alone. I have seen so many people, searching for confidence and courage. Most horse trainers can't help, they don't feel the fear and don't know how to help.  Their answer is to just do it.


Coaching - If you want a little extra helping getting there!
Group and Individual

Fear to Courage Coaching


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A Little About Me 
I'm Lisa, an ENTF and am married to my best friend, living in Colorado. I have 3 wonderful kids.  A few years ago, I noticed my life didn't have as much pep as it once did. I was on several medications and I just didn't look forward to life like I once did.

I reached out to a coach and she suggested I design my life. So I did. And now I'm living my life to the fullest and hope you join me on the journey!

 Live a Life You Love 
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