"400 Laughs a Day"

After being raised in the amazing family with so many laughs, I found myself wishing I had that much laughter when I was on my own.  Instead of making a New Year's resolution one year, I decided to attempt to reach 400 laughs a day.

It is a number that is too big to track, but big enough to have me searching for things that are funny.  I have collected so many funny stories and will be sharing some in an upcoming book so stay tuned!

How many laughs a day do you strive for?

"The Red Drink" - I talk in the book about wishing I knew more about health, this one is life changing!

My go to for keeping my energy up for long horse show days!  I make it the night before and put it in the fridge and then keep it cool so it is cold and ready when I need it!
Ningxia - My Fountain of Youth - 2 ounces (or 4 if I feel really tired)
Mindwise - My Memory Tonic - 1 tube
12 - 24 ounces of water to taste.
I also add in some essential oils and Sulfurzyme, a source of MSM, depending on other factors, reach out if interested.