3 Snippets to a 2 Way Conversation with your HORSE!

The Beginning

Muscle Testing!  MY Favorite!!!!

For those that haven't heard of muscle testing, it is a great way to know what your horse is thinking and feeling and it based on the cellular responses in the body.  

Here is a little bit about the way it works in my opinion.  Your muscles can't lie, so if you are using your muscles, with yes/no questions (and include, in your highest and best interest), you can learn the truth. Take that one step further and apply it to the horses by asking them yes/no questions. 

There are a number of techniques but when communicating with horses, this is my favorite!

Stand relaxed and facing the horse at the shoulder, about 2 or 3 feet away (unless you are asking for a specific injury or area of the horse and then stand by that area and wave you hand over the area). Ask your yes/no question and include, In your Highest and Best Interest.  Sample: Is wearing your fly mask in your highest and best interest?  You will feel a slight lean, either back or forward.  Back is "no" and Forward is "yes".  It is that simple.  

It might take a bit to get the feel for it, and it is great if two of you can learn together because then you can see how you compare on your answers and make sure you are feeling the horse and not your own answer.  If you are really struggling, practice on yourself and this is my go to when I am not trusting my answers.  I say my name as Sue and I say my name as Elise, one should be a yes, one should be a no and I start to really feel the difference.  

I did a short goofy video that shows this method and talks about the other two.  You will find the link at the end!

Matching Steps in the Pasture or Leading

This one came from Warwick Schiller and I loved it right away.  It is one way I meditate "With" my horses and they seem to really like it too.  It is funny, they all want to be the one that I am matching steps with and they jockey for position closest to me.

This one is easy, you stay about 5 feet from your horse, and you match their steps.  Their right front is your right foot and their left front is your left foot.  It is crazy fun to just walk or stop and hang out as they graze and then walk some more.  

What I found at first is this made them VERY nervous, and instead of grazing, they would walk and not really try and get away but definitely not completely comfortable.  Not understanding.  Once they figure out that I am breathing with them, stepping with them, weighting my legs in step with them, they seem to really relax into it and get curious.  I will be walking with one, and a second horse will come over and match us.  Sometimes, I can get all 3 and we walk and graze the pasture together.

I tried taking food for me once and that didn't go so well, they all wanted my food instead of just grazing so I don't mimic the eating with them and I just keep it to the feet.
The Middle
The End

Power of Two Way Communication Riding!

This took me the longest time to get too.  Trusting on their back DID NOT COME EASY.

After my accident, trust on the back of the horse has really been a challenge.  I would shake, I would feel sick, I would make excuses.  After doing the first two snippets, a lot, it was much easier to TRUST while riding!  The best part is, my horses are ALL IN and LOVING it!

This one also is SO SIMPLE.  Before you get on, clear your mind.  Really just put yourself mentally and physically, WITH your horse.  Mount up and drop the reins.  Just drop them......Yep...you heard that right....

Encourage your horse to walk off and really be curious about where your horse WANTS to go!  Now, if it becomes unsafe, of course pick up your reins and steer or stop but the more you do this, the more your horse will walk off and go investigate something, or head out on the trail, or head back to the barn.  Just go with it!  There is no wrong answer!  

Enjoy the feelings you horse is sharing with you.  Are they on a mission and heading with purpose?  Are they just meandering and checking stuff out?  Are they looking to you for guidance, best way to tell this one is to watch there ears, when they flick back and forth toward you, they are listening for your guidance.

After a bit, then tell them you are going to guide for a while, pick up the reins and go where you want to go.  I have one that if she is still investigating, she will ask to continue her way and I usually will let her. She takes longer to fully exhaust her curiosity.  

This is a beautiful way to ride your horse!  Their heart will touch your heart!

Goofy Demonstration Video Here!
If you enjoyed the Snippets, I describe them in my own words in this video!  Click here to Watch!